Why to use Songtrip?

Every morning you wake up, have your breakfast and go to your computer to work, study or browse your social networks. Put on your headphones or turn on your speaker and listen to your favorite songs.

Well, maybe your routine is not exactly that, but the fact is that listening to music is great, whether it’s to enjoy, animate, introspect or disconnect from the environment and focus.

If you don’t like spending money subscribing to a music streaming service or if you zeal over your music collection, you probably have a folder full of music files on your computer.

This is great, but every time you go to listen to music you have to spend some time putting together your playlist or you hear an already assembled playlist that becomes repetitive or that is not exactly what you wanted to hear at the moment.

That’s when Songtrip can help you, it can build your playlist automatically. You only need to point it to one song and Songtrip will assemble a playlist of related songs in a few seconds for you to listen to on your favorite player, so you keep your vibe going.

Even if you don’t have a specific song in mind to point to, you can tell Songtrip how you’re feeling with very few clicks and generate a playlist easily.

This will save you time (time is money) and give you a list that is in tune with your current mood.

You can call it easily right clicking a song too!

Don’t waste more time (literally) and let Songtrip prepare your playlists!